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Anzac Legacy Gallery

A new permanent gallery and exhibition is being created at Queensland Museum, South Bank, that explores the impact and legacy of the First World War on Queensland and the brave sacrifices made by our diggers. This project is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government and the Anzac Centenary Public Fund.

The Queensland Museum’s curatorial concept for the gallery is being developed, with ongoing research and audience testing being conducted. The exhibition content will explore enduring themes of freedom and democracy, service and sacrifice. At the heart of the gallery there will be an experiential encounter with one of Australia’s, and the world’s, most significant and dramatic war relics—the A7V Sturmpanzerwagen armoured assault vehicle, 'Mephisto'.

Recovered by Queensland soldiers in July 1918 near the French town of Villers-Bretonneux, Mephisto is the last remaining First World War A7V Sturmpanzerwagen German tank in the world.

Mephisto spent much of the Anzac Centenary on loan to the Australian War Memorial, where it underwent conservation work and, until April 2017,was on display in Anzac Hall. The tank returned to Queensland in June 2017 and was displayed at The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich.

Then in February 2018, Mephisto made the return journey to the Queensland Museum where it will go on permanent display in the new Anzac Legacy Gallery.

The Anzac Legacy Gallery is scheduled to open in November 2018.

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Video transcript

A German Tank captured by Australian soldiers on the Western Front in 1918, has gone on display at the Australian War Memorial. Named Mephisto by its crew, it’s the last surviving German A7V tank, out of 20 that were built. Its permanent home is the Queensland Museum, but it’s on loan to the Memorial for World War One centenary commemorations.

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