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Planning a commemorative event

During the Anzac Centenary we encourage communities across Queensland to commemorate the contribution and sacrifice of our servicemen and women. Commemorative events and ceremonies remind us of the Anzac spirit of courage and sacrifice.

If you’re looking to hold a commemorative event, visit the following websites which contain helpful information on protocols, traditions and customs:

Australian Defence Force rank and title

For anyone with limited exposure and knowledge of the Australian Defence Force, ranks can be confusing at times. If you’re not sure about the order of rank and listings for the Australian Defence Force, please refer to the Australian Defence Force website.

Invitation template

When preparing your invitation to the event, it’s important to include certain information such as the event’s date, time, place, rsvp date, and your contact details. You may also wish to advise if refreshments will be served, or if the venue has limited seating capacity. The more information you include means the less enquiries you will receive from guests. Including a map with your invitation can also be valuable.

The following invitation sample and template are available for you to download:

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